CT-A3T Towers. Vologda oblast
CT-A3T Towers. 15M High and 24M High. Vologda oblast. January 2019
CT-S3T Tower. Saratov city
CT-S3T Tower. 16M High. Saratov city. January 2019
CT-S3T Tower. Ivanovo city
CT-S3T Tower. 16M High. Ivanovo. December 2018
CT-A4T Tower. Verhnee Dubrovo, Sverdlovsk oblast
CT-A4T Tower. 18M High. Verhnee Dubrovo, Sverdlovsk oblast. November 2018
CT-A4T Towers. Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk oblast
CT-A4T Towers. 15M High and 18M High. Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk oblast. September 2018
CT-S3T Tower. Astrahan city
CT-S3T Tower. 20M High. Astrahan city. June 2018
CT-A3T Tower. Irkutsk oblast
CT-A3T Tower. 6M High. Irkutsk oblast. August, 2018
CT-S3T-STD Tower. Bryansk city
CT-S3T-STD Tower, 20M High. Bryansk city. May, 2018
CT-S3T-STD Tower. Moscow oblast, Korolyov city
CT-S3T-STD Tower, 14M High. Moscow oblast, Korolyov city. April, 2018
CT-S3T-STD Tower. Voronezh oblast, Liski city
CT-S3T-STD Tower, 20M High. Voronezh oblast, Liski city. April, 2018