TC420, TC450, TC480, TC510 Series Collinear Dipole Antennas

The TC420, TC450, TC480 and TC510 series high-performance broadband antennas are designed for dispatch and trunked-radio communications systems base station’s operation using SmarTrunk, MPT 1327, APCO 25 protocol Standards, as well as various data transmission and telemetry systems in 400 – 530 MHz band.

Due to a special coating based on a polymer resistant to adverse conditions, this stationary dipole antennas present high stability against corrosion, ultraviolet radiation, acid rain and abrasive dust. Antenna special design reduces an impact of surface atmospheric precipitation and icing formation on its operating performance.

Each antenna delivery set includes mounting elements to a 35 to 62 mm dia. mast pipe.

Collinear Dipole Antenna TC420D1-3, TC450D1-3, TC480D1-3, TC510D1-3 Collinear Dipole Antenna TC420D2-9, TC450D2-9, TC480D2-9, TC510D2-9 Collinear Dipole Antenna TC420D4-9, TC450D4-9, TC480D4-9, TC510D4-9
Technical specifications
Collinear Dipole Antennas
TC420 Series
Frequency range 395 – 445 MHz
TC420D1-3 TC420D2-6 TC420D4-9
TC450 Series
Frequency range 425 – 475 MHz
TC450D1-3 TC450D2-6 TC450D4-9
TC480 Series
Frequency range 455 – 505 MHz
TC480D1-3 TC480D2-6 TC480D4-9
TC510 Series
Frequency range 485 – 535 MHz
TC510D1-3 TC510D2-6 TC510D4-9
Electrical specifications
Gain, dB 3 6 9
Power rating, W 200 500 500
Bandwidth, MHz 40
VSWR <1.5:1
Impedance, Ohm 50
Vertical Plane Beamwidth, deg. 65 30 18
Lightning protection DC Ground
Connector N-Type Female
Mechanical specifications
Dimensions, m 0.43 x 0.31
0.43 x 0.28
0.43 x 0.26
0.43 x 0.24
0.83 x 0.43
0.78 x 0.43
0.73 x 0.43
0.69 x 0.43
1.87 x 0.43
1.78 x 0.43
1.67 x 0.43
1.59 x 0.43
Weight, kg 2 4 8
Max Rated Wind Velocity, km/h 240
Max Rated Wind Velocity @ 0.01m radial icing, km/h 200
Effective antenna area, sq.m 0.02 0.04 0.09
Vertical plane radiation pattern

Horizontal plane radiation pattern

VSWR Chart

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