Broadband HF antenna CT-HF-LP1030

Shortwave antenna HF-LP1015 is designed for operation in the frequency range of 10 to 30 MHz. It’s a 11 element log-periodic antenna with a 8.2 meter long boom.

CT-HF-LP1015 employs an all-weather performance and can be operated as a part of modern HF radio station with a Power amplifier up to 4 kW. Antenna is instantly ready to operate on any frequency within its range and requires no mechanical tuning elements, which allows its use in the automatic link establishment mode (ALE).

50 Ohm impedance feed-line is equipped with SO-239 (socket) coaxial connector.

HF Antenna CT-HF-LP1030

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 10 – 30 MHz
Number of Sections 11
Gain at 12.5 MHz 9.5 dBi
Front-to-Back Ratio 11 dBi
Vertical Angle of Radiation 13°
VSWR, 50 Ohm feed line 3:1 max.
Maximum Power 4 kW
Weight 40 kg
Wind Load area 1.7 m2
Turning Radius 8 m

VSWR Chart

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