CT‑S3T STD Tower Lighting System

Tower Lighting System is installed on top of the tower for provisioning of safe operation according to safety rules and requirements standards.

Tower Lighting System consists of the following components:

  • «ZOM» guard lights (2 pcs.);
  • LED lamps (2 pcs.) 220 V;
  • tower lights mounting brackets;
  • universal on/off timer for «ZOM» lights;
  • power cable, placed in a metal hose, or armored cable.


«ZOM» lights have a red-painted transparent housing and the appropriate protection level.

The power cable provides power to each tower light from its individual phase. Power cable is fixed on the tower with of weatherproof application plastic tie-wraps resistant to ultra-violet radiation.

Universal timer provides a power-up of lights in the darkness. The timer does not require a remote photo sensor. For correct operation the timer is programmed with latitude and longitude data at the installation location. Based on these coordinates, sunrise and sunset time for the current date is calculated.


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