CT‑A3T Torque Arm Strabilizer Assembly


Torque arm stabilizer assembly acts as an anti-twist device minimizing tower deflection relative to its axis during wind loads exposure. The Stabilizer Assembly for triangular profile towers representing a «triangle of rigidity», has been designed and successfully implemented. The triangle of rigidity replaces a standard tier of 3 wire-guys with 6-way guying configuration. Each of the triangle tops has 2 wire-guys attached. Each pair of wire-guys connected to the same triangle side forms a loop-shape laid in the direction to the corresponding anchor point. Installation of stabilization device is recommended when antennas with narrow radiation pattern (fractions of degree) or equipment that combines high weight and wind load, such as radio relay antennas or wind generators, on the tower structure. The need for the use of stabilization devices is determined by individual design solutions for each specific structure.



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