CT-A3-4X-3500 series towers is a unique solution in all situations where there is a need for rapid mobile deployment of radio communications HF and VHF antennas and antenna systems, wireless data and mobile communications systems as well as lighting, voice alerting and video surveillance system as well as in applications for individual Customer requirements.

Reinforced tower construction with upper section width of 304 mm.

Aluminum crank-up towers CT-A3-4Х-3500

Technical specifications

Height max. 11.5 m
Height with mast 13.5 m
Height min. 4.1 m
Number of sections 4
Section length 3.5 m
Top section width 304 mm
Bottom section width 616 mm
Weight 116 kg
Aluminum crank-up towers CT-A3-4Х-3500



Section mounting Assembly Electric erection system
Section mounting Assembly Electric erection system (gear drive shown without protective cover)


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