CT-S3T-33 Tower. Tver city
CT-S3T Tower. 33M High. All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. Tver city. 2014
CT-S3T-12, CT-S3T-18 Towers. Kostroma city
CT-S3T Tower 12M High and CT-S3T Tower 18M High. Tele2. Kostroma city. September, 2014
СТ-S3Т-20 Tower. Ivanovo city
СТ-S3Т Tower. 20M High. Megafon. Ivanovo city. 2014
СТ-А4Т-15 Tower. Kalmykiya
СТ-А4Т Tower. 15M High. Beeline. Kalmykiya. May, 2014
CT-S3T-12, CT-S3T-24 Towers. Krasnodar kray
CT-S3T Towers 12M High and 24M High. Tele2. Krasnodar kray. May, 2014
СT-А3Т-12 Tower. Arhangelsk
СT-А3Т Tower. 12M High. Tele2. Arhangelsk. November, 2013
СT-А3Т-12 Tower. Arhangelsk oblast
СT-А3Т Tower. 12M High. Tele2. Arhangelsk oblast. August, 2013
CT-S3T-16 Tower. Moscow oblast. Naro-Fominsk city
CT-S3T Tower. 16M High. Tele2. Moscow oblast, Naro-Fominsk city. June, 2013
СТ-S3T-69 Tower. Saratov oblast
СТ-S3T Tower. 69M High. Saratov oblast. May, 2013
CT-S3T-60 Tower. Nyagan city
CT-S3T Tower. 60M High. Lukoil-Inform. Nyagan city. December, 2012

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