Aluminum towers

CT-A3T series
Triangular profile sections — 400 mm
Tower Height 9 – 39 m
Section Length — 3 m
Section Weight — 16 kg
CT-A4T series
Square profile sections — 400 mm
Tower Height 9 – 39 m
Section Length — 3 m
Section Weight — 21 kg

Communication Technologies Universal aluminum towers are used in various areas of wireless communication

  • Cellular communication systems;
  • Remote hotspots and Last mile coverage systems;
  • Professional radio communication systems;
  • Radio-Relay communication systems;
  • Telemetry and Remote control systems.

Aluminum towers are assembled from standard all-welded ST-A3T triangular and ST-A4T square profile sections and fixed by a rigging system based on a wire cable. Various profile types allow a choice of the best option for placing the guy-wires during the roof-mount or ground installation of aluminum tower.

Each section of the mast structure is 3 meter long, which makes it possible to gain the required tower height in a range from 3 to 39 meters and minimizes a number of operations required to assemble the trunk of the structure. Each section weight does not exceed 16 kg for CT-A3T-3 and 21 kg — for CT-A4T-3 towers, accordingly. This solution greatly facilitates installation and provides more benefits when placing tower on the roofs of buildings and structures. An undeniable advantage of CT-A3T and CT-A4T towers is possibility of installation without use of heavy machinery.

High-strength duralumin alloy used for manufacture of tower sections provides high performance at extremely low temperatures (up to -70°C) and allows production of tower structures that meet high requirements for such kind of items by a variety of consumers. Protective polymer coating of the sections prevents from tower icing and snow sticking in the cold weather and neutralizes the impact of other types of precipitation and abrasive dust. The plug-in type of inter-section junction is used for tower assembly. Tower framework components and braces are made of patented serpentine Z-shaped structures. This constructional design, firstly, provides an ability to mount feeder run elements with required spacing, and secondly – an easy access to high-rise maintenance of the tower and installed antenna-feeder system elements.

The equipage of aluminum towers can fit an installation of at least one tier of steel guy-wires for each 6 meter of tower height. This kind of rigging system provides required bearing capacity and stability of the tower during its exposure to wind loads.

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