CT‑S3T XL Tower Safety System

The safety system is designed for safe climbing of personnel and maintenance of antenna feeder path equipment during the entire period of tower structure operation. Safety system includes:

  • safety cable with retainer
  • safety rings with intermediate rest areas

safety rope

The safety rope is stretched along the tower body. The locking device installed on it with mounting for the climbing harness or safety belt, automatically moves along the halyard and is fixed at the time of occurrence of a sudden vertical load.

Tower Safety System

The back fence with intermediate rest areas consists of connected vertical posts of back arches, intermediate rest areas and additional horizontal structural elements that act as lifting steps.

horizontal elements

Additional horizontal elements of the structure provide tower lifting steps within 250 mm spacing intervals..

intermediate rest areas

Intermediate rest areas provide a safe transition from one span of the back fence to another. They can be made both in stationary and in quick-detachable version and used as a work platform for antenna feeder path maintenance.

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