CT-A3T-12 Tower. Penza city
CT-A3T Tower. 12M High. Megafon. Penza city. August, 2006
CT-A4T-20 Tower and CT-S3T-10 Tower. Penza city
CT-A4T Tower 20M High and CT-S3T Tower 10M High. Penza city. July, 2006
CT-A3T-30 Tower. Kemerovo city
CT-A3T Tower. 30M High. Kemerovo city. March, 2006
CT-A4T-18 Tower. Ural Area
CT-A4T Tower. 18M High. MTS. Ural Area. October, 2005
CT-A4T-21 Tower.Ural Area
CT-A4T Tower. 21M High. Megafon. Ural Area. July, 2005
CT-A4T-15 Tower. Penza city
CT-A4T Tower. 15M High. Megafon. Penza city. September, 2004
CT-S3T-24 Tower. Voronezh city
CT-S3T Tower. 24M High. Tele2. Voronezh city. September, 2004
CT-A4T-12 Tower. Perm kray
CT-A4T Tower 12M High. Rostelecom. Perm kray. August, 2003

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