CT-A3T-15 Tower. Moscow. November, 2011
CT-A3T Tower. 15M High. Phased array antenna. Russian Academy Of Sciences. November, 2011
CT-S3T-10, 12 Towers. Voronezh city
CT-S3T Towers 10M High and 12M High. Tele2. Voronezh city. August, 2011
СТ-S3T-26 Tower. Tele2. Ryazan city
СТ-S3T Tower. 26M High. Tele2. Ryazan city. July, 2011
CT-S3T-12 Tower. Orekhovo-Zuevo city
CT-S3T Tower. 12M High. Orekhovo-Zuevo city. June, 2011
CT-A4T-30 Tower. Velikiy Novgorod city
CT-A4T Tower. 30M High. Tele2. Velikiy Novgorod city. April, 2011
CT-A4T-18 Tower. Orenburg city
CT-A4T Tower. 18M High. Megafon. Orenburg city. March 2011
CT-A4T-18 Tower. Samara city
CT-A4T Tower. 18M High. Tele2. Samara city. March, 2011
CT-A4T-27 Tower. Permskiy kray
CT-A4T Tower. 27M High, 12M High and 9M High. Rostelecom. Permskiy kray. February, 2011